EliTe®Compact Spinning

Suessen’s New EliTe® is the most versatile, flexible and in demand compact spinning system in the market.

  • Optimal and sustained yarn quality
  • High consistency of all yarn parameters
  • Minimal variation between spinning positions
  • All fiber materials and yarn counts
  • Can be installed on almost all machine types

The New EliTe® with innovative components is further boosting

  • higher productivity
  • better quality
  • lower operational costs

The new features are

  • S-Slot and extended slots into insert to the nipping line
  • Combi  Bearing Slide
  • EliTube type "Belly Shape" for certain spinning geometries
  • unification of EliTop for P3-1, PK and HP
  • energy-optimized EliVAC
  • end caps for EliTube
  • longer offset to 6 mm possible