EliTe®CompactSet Advanced(patents pending)
Next Generation of a Recipe for Success

Importance of Maintenance on Card Clothings

Influence of Optimally Centred Spinning Rings onYarn Hairiness
Highest quality standards in respect of roundness,evenness and concentricity ensure best centring resultson the ring spinning frame

Good - Better -HP-GX 4010plus Top Weighting Arm

Spindle Lubrication and Cost Saving
Different spindle systems need different maintenance.Cost of maintenance needs to be considered more andmore; the higher the wages are, the more it will have adirect influence on the manufacturing costs.

Mill reports

Ermenegildo Zegna
Spinning the Story of Wool:From Noble Fibres to the Finest Fabrics

Successful Economic Application of BERKOL®Grinding Machines
Mr. Xuan Kan talked to Mr Jianmin Xu, General Managerof San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

The Sportking Formula:
Vision + Determination = Success

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