In this ITMA-free year the central event of the year is again in China with the local exhibition Shanghaitex held from June 10 to 13. You are kindly invited to visit the joint booth of the 4 companies Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen represented with interesting articles in
this new issue of SPINNOVATION. Its new layout has been designed to outline the corporate identity of the four despite of all singularity.

Welcome to the world of high-speed spindles
The history and the present day of the world‘s biggest exporter of spindles


CROCOdoff in Leading Chinese Spinning Mill Luthai
Luthai, trendsetter for whole China testing CROCOdoff

Comparison of Flange Profiles of Renowned
Ring Manufacturers with Bräcker TITAN Ring, Profile N 98

The ring spinning process owes its dominance over other spinning methods established in the market to its simplicity and to the excellent quality of the yarns as a result of the real twist imparted by the ring/traveller system.

Circular Comb and Top Comb
Together with the top comb, the circular comb is the key technological component of the comber, influencing the characteristics of the yarn with respect to evenness, strength and cleanliness which in turn have a direct effect on the finished product as far as softness, visual effect
and grip is concerned.

Customized EliTe®CompactSet

Graf Customer Support
The card is known as the heart of the spinning mill; in this process step the quality of the resulting yarn is significantly defined and influenced.

Design Optimization by means of CFD

In textile machinery as well as in the industry as a whole, the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has an ever increasing relevance.

Mill report
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