The mechanical compacting solution
  1. Real compacting with no additional energy
  2. Low investment cost
  3. Reduction of maintenance work


The mechanical compacting system COMPACTeasy addresses the need for higher productivity and cost optimization in compact spinning. It can spin high-quality yarn from all common raw materials – at a high speed. Low investment cost, no additional energy consumption and minimal maintenance make COMPACTeasy an attractive alternative to pneumatic systems for spinning mills. The traverse motion system extends the lifetime of cots and ensures a constant yarn quality. The compacting device can easily be installed on and removed from the ring spinning machine. 

Low investment cost and reduced energy

With low investment cost, COMPACTeasy is an attractive compacting device which produces yarns with excellent characteristics from a broad range of raw materials. 

COMPACTeasy guides fibers through the y-channel of the compactor with precision, which results in intensive double compacting without any additional energy requirements compared to conventional spinning.

Excellent yarn characteristics

The yarn quality is determined by both the y-channel of the compactor and the integrated pin, which takes effect precisely in the zone of the drafting system where the fibers have the least guidance. This process improves the yarn irregularity and increases the yarn tenacity. The hairiness is also significantly reduced and often achieves better results than pneumatic compacting systems. Consequently, yarn parameters reach a level similar to pneumatically spun compact yarns and a much better level compared to conventional ring yarn and other mechanical compacting systems.


COMPACTeasy can be delivered with new ring spinning machines or retrofitted on existing machines. With its plug in and out function, COMPACTeasy enables a rapid switch from conventional to compact yarn spinning.


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