The most sustainable way of compact spinning and twisting in one operation
  1. Cost-effective replacement of ply yarns
  2. Production of yarn with high tenacity and low hairiness
  3. ROI within 12 months

Product Details

EliTwist from Suessen combines compact spinning and twisting of a yarn in a single operation. With this very cost-effective spinning method, a two-ply compact yarn with identical direction of twist in both yarn legs is directly produced by the ring spinning machine.

EliTwist is the combination of spin-twisted and EliTe compacting principles, resulting in a superior spin-twisted yarn. The specific yarn structure of a twin yarn differs from that of conventional two-ply yarn and offers new possibilities for product developments. Twin yarn ensures excellent processing properties with unequaled yarn parameters.

The economical EliTwist system allows sustainable, resource-saving spinning at reduced energy cost and a higher productivity at the same time compared to the production of a conventional two-ply yarn. Moreover, this system operates at a low noise level.


Suessen has set itself the goal of developing products and system solutions for a more environmentally friendly production. Since EliTwist runs at normal spindle speeds and just needs the usual number of twists, the productivity on ring spinning and winding machines is more than doubled compared to the production of two-ply yarns. Furthermore, the process of two-for-one twisting is fully avoided. Altogether, EliTwist yarn is an optimal replacement of traditional two-ply yarns while saving huge amounts of energy and thus money.

Apart from the environmental benefits, the return on investment with EliTwist is very short – in average less than 12 months.


The twisting triangle of EliTwist yarn is really small and the ends-down rates are equally low – even at high spindle speeds. All excellent textile and physical characteristics of proven single compact yarn is further improved with the specific EliTwist spinning method. EliTwist yarns are of higher tenacity and have a much lower hairiness than two-ply yarns, at comparable imperfections.
With these features, the EliTwist yarn is ideally suited for high-grade shirts, pants and light gabardine fabrics, special two-ply yarns with high strength as well as industrial fabrics. Furthermore, it is increasingly used for knitwear.


The EliTwist system can be retrofitted to any EliTe. Additionally, all ring spinning machines suitable for EliTe are compatible with EliTwist as well and, therefore, easily upgradeable.
The change on a machine from single compact yarn to compact two-ply yarn and vice versa can be done rapidly and easily. The features only differ with regard to the components EliTube, EliTop, and the roving guide.


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