The most versatile, flexible and in demand compact spinning system
  1. High productivity
  2. Optimum and consistent yarn quality
  3. Low operating costs

Product details

EliTe is a proven compacting system which is constantly improved with the latest available technologies. It offers increased yarn strength, reduced hairiness, improved IPI values and reduced ends down rates. The system also brings benefits for the downstream process such as less machine contamination, increased production in weaving and knitting, lower ends-down rate in warp and weft, reduced twist insertion into plied yarn and better hand and luster in the final product.
It is suitable for any application in short-staple and worsted spinning.


EliTe effectively processes carded and combed cotton, man-made fibers and their blends. The pneumatic system arranges the fibers in a completely parallel and close position before twist is generated and embeds all fibers and fiber ends in the yarn body while the air flow condenses the drafted fiber. This eliminates the spinning triangle.


  • Increased production due to reduced yarn twist and higher spindle speed
  • Improved spinning stability
  • Singeing can be eliminated in most cases
  • Lower amount of sizing agent required
  • Reduced abrasion, improved pilling behavior
  • Substitute for plied yarns


With EliTe, worsted yarn can be spun at finer yarn counts, maintaining a high quality. A reduced loss of fibers and reduced hairiness, a better fabric appearance and less pilling are results of the compacting based on decades of experience.
In addition, the tenacity is increased with fewer end breaks. Thus, the warp and weft breaks go down – and the output goes up.


  • Improved yarn evenness
  • Possibility to use coarser wool to spin finer yarn count as fewer fibers are necessary in cross section
  • Waxing can be eliminated in most cases
  • Cone dyeing instead of top dyeing

Related products

  • EliTwist

    With EliTwist, it is possible to combine compact spinning and twisting of a yarn in one single operation, resulting in a high-tenacity spin twisted compact yarn with very low hairiness. It offers a payback period within 12 months if replacing two-ply yarns.

  • EliTe techonology parts

    To maintain the high performance of its EliTe system, Suessen offers various parts because even the best component has to be replaced at some point. Depending on their needs, customers can order parts individually or benefit from attractive packages.

  • Performance Package

    The SUESSEN Performance Package for EliTe on P3-1 top arms reduces ends down by up to 25%. Various packages including different parts are available.



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