EliTe Technology Parts

Excellent manufacturing quality and long service life
  1. Constant performance
  2. Attractive packages
  3. Long service life

Product details

To maintain the high performance of its EliTe system, Suessen offers various parts because even the best component has to be replaced at some point. Depending on their needs, customers can order parts individually or benefit from attractive packages.

EliTe spare parts and packages

Suessen provides original spare parts to ensure the performance of its EliTe system. EliTe spare parts are available as attractive packages. Each package includes a combination of inserts, lattice aprons and intermediate gears (EliGears), available in various quantities.

Related products

  • Active Cradle Package

    The Active Cradle with PINSpacer NT (ACP) reduces yarn imperfections by around 25%, and often even up to 40%. It is available for most top weighting arms.

  • Performance Package

    The SUESSEN Performance Package for EliTe on P3-1 top arms reduces ends down by up to 25%. Various packages including different parts are available.



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