Performance Package

Significant reduction in ends down when using EliTe with P3-1 top weighting arm
  1. Up to 25% reduction in ends down
  2. Increased spindle speed – higher productivity
  3. Rapid amortization
  4. Simple installation

Product details

When combined with EliTe and the P3-1 top weighting arm, the Performance Package reduces ends down by up to 25%.

More than 1.5 million EliTe spindles are already running successfully with the Performance Package, which is suitable for all blended fibers and every type of fiber. The experts at Suessen have gained the majority of their experience with combed and carded cotton.

After installing the Performance Package, many customers have been able to increase their spindle speeds significantly – that is to say by 1 000 rpm to 2 000 rpm – and consequently achieve higher productivity.

Installation is simple and can be carried out by an in-house technician using the installation instructions. The advantages of the Performance Package and the low investment costs ensure rapid amortization.

Core Principle

Installing the Performance Package influences the spinning geometry of the ring spinning machine, which changes the EliTop offset. The offset is increased from the standard 4.5 mm to 6.5 mm. This results in ends down being reduced by up to 25%.

Components and Versions

Bracket EliTe P3-1

When using the Performance Package, the front pressure roller is loaded using the leaf spring, not via the bracket. The bracket must therefore be replaced.

Leaf spring EliTop P3-1

For loading the front pressure roller of the EliTop.

Front distributor P3-1

Used to achieve the increased offset of 6.5 mm.

Pelican suction head (nozzle 10.0 and 8.5 + end piece)

This head is less likely to clog than a standard suction head. This ensures that successive ends down are avoided.

Basic Package with or without JETSert

Changing the offset to 6.5 mm requires a JETSert to be installed on the EliTube Classic Shape in conjunction with the Performance Package. As many customers already use JETSert as standard, it is not included in the scope of delivery of the basic package.

Version I: Basic package with JETSert and without Pelican suction head

Version II: Basic package without JETSert and without Pelican suction head


If an EliTube belly shape is installed, always consult the Suessen engineering department before using a 6.5 mm offset. The EliTube belly shape can be identified by the marking flute in the dovetail groove.

Adjustment tools

  • EliSpring test gauge
  • Magnetic auxiliary pin
  • The function of this component is described in installation instruction SHI.7341


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