"From forest to fiber” – To Berlin Fashion Week

Suessen has been involved in a very fascinating project over the last few months. In an exciting and very good partnership, Suessen has implemented the idea "from wood to garment" in the field of fiber production – in spinning.

Technology parts from Suessen

Under the leadership of the Technikum Laubholz, based in Göppingen (Southern Germany), continuous filaments were produced from domestic hardwoods in a unique and very resource-saving manufacturing process.

Besides other necessary textile fiber and fabric production processes, it was up to the expertise, the know-how and use of Suessen technology parts to spin high-quality yarns that are easy to process. For this, the latest Rieter rotor spinning machine R 70 was used.

The use of the machine from the world market leader Rieter, paired with the technology parts from Suessen, guaranteed an excellent yarn, which in further stages led to extraordinary garments.

Unique fashion collection

Step by step, a unique fashion collection was created from wood using the revolutionary material WDBSD TX. This fashion collection was designed and manufactured by design students from Reutlingen University as part of their semester project – impressively demonstrating the creative use of regional resources and academic expertise. All production steps, from the extraction of the beech wood to the final production, took place in Baden-Württemberg entirely, a part of which – the spinning – was carried out by Suessen at its premises.

World premiere at the Berlin Fashion Week

This very impressive collection was presented for the first time at the conference “Laubholztage” in Göppingen. In front of a broad audience, the unique fashion collection celebrated its world premiere at the Berlin Fashion Week in Berlin on July 3, 2024 – sustainable clothing with Suessen technology and components.

Suessen congratulates the Technikum Laubholz for this truly great success – the support from Suessen came from the heart.